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Mark Hollis SPIRIT OF EDEN, An Achievement for All of Us, Talk Talk Inte...

That is an achievement!
only the Spirit of Eden Album, but also the fact that I am posting this
video, because I had to edit it on a program that I didn't know at all!

If Mark Hollis did put so many efforts, and such a total commitment
in his wonderful Album Spirit of Eden, I thought that I could put as
much passion in this video. I hope that my lack of technical knowledge
won't distract you from the main subject, which is: how Mark Hollis
brought to us an example to follow.
If all the artists in this world
were creating according to what they have in their gut, we would live
in such a more beautiful and wonderful world! And it is not a question
of skills, it is more a matter of honesty and conviction, a matter of
great Passion.
Only one word or two: Thank you to Mark Hollis for inspiring us so much!
You will find the original interview here:

You will find the beginning of my thoughts here:

I am a little obsessed by this subject, so you will find my video about the Texture and Freedom here:

This is NOT a sponsored video. I only talk about what I love the most,
and I am absolutely obsessed with the creative process obviously.

The Failed December 2015 ARTWALK & A Dinner at Maximiliano, L.A.


For the first time, we had a failed Artwalk! :-) 

Not our fault, just because of the too cold temperature...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

High Quality Candy by MARK HOLLIS Talk Talk The Party's Over Review

I think it is time to go a little deeper in the process of creation. The Party's Over, 1st Talk Talk Album, is not rated correctly according to me, chiefly when we listen to songs like Have You Heard The News or Candy.
I am trying here to explain how high the quality is and why I love these songs so much. I don't mind talking alone, I just wish that I could at least get one person interested in this wonderful subject. And if there is more, even better. Wish I could convince a whole crowd! Fortunately, I am not the only Talk Talk lover, we are already many.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Mark Hollis Spirit of Eden Interview French TRANSLATION Traduction Franc...

I can't believe that I managed to post a video with a dying computer!
I am really very motivated... 
If anybody has an idea about how translating this Musical method to Art, please, feel free to tell me

Sunday, November 22, 2015

One Year of Marvel with Mark Hollis, My Paintings & Talk Talk Music

On November the 9th, it was the one year Anniversary of my Music, Painting, Mark Hollis and Talk Talk videos! 
Do you think I am bored? I'm not. Do you think I am crazy? Probably yes :-) But I am a very obstinate person, and I like to understand things. So here I am, analyzing the Mark Hollis method and Music, and imagining how I could translate all this in Painting. It forces me to think outside of the box. I am only at the very beginning, so far, I am just describing and showing on my canvas. But I think that this second year will be the time to explore even further and try new ways, new techniques. 
I am not done, I am maybe very slow to progress, if I could spend my whole days on this, probably I would be much further now. But I am not in the rush, sometimes, the journey is also the destination, I need to digest, and so far, I've been having a wonderful, wonderful journey.

I want to say, thank you Mark Hollis, thank you Talk Talk for offering me this wonderful treasure which amazes me every day, which makes me feel beloved by the Music, and blessed in my work. Thank you.

Monday, November 2, 2015

MARK HOLLIS: Lessons In Music, TRADUCTION Francaise, French Translation

For those who didn't understand what was said here, you will find my French Translation + explanation in this video.

Vous n'aviez rien compris parce que vous ne parlez pas Anglais?
Vous trouverez ici ma traduction Francaise + quelques explications.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Painting The Mark Hollis & Talk Talk Music, a Holy Moment, Blocks & More

I am telling you here my little story to help you overcome your creative blocks.
I am not saying that after this video, all your problems will have disappeared, just it will make you think a little, and maybe be a little more aware about the signs and miracles around you.
Sometimes, the bad moments are necessary to live one holy moment in our life...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

MARK HOLLIS, JENNIBELLIE & How To Find Our Own Style in All Arts

Creating from the heart, this is the best way to reveal your style which is already in you.
Jennibellie is a very sympathetic English artist who had the kindness to include my work in her blog a while ago. Thanks to her last video, she allowed me to understand a little better and partly why I am creating this and now. 
Am I comparing Mark Hollis in Music to Pablo Picasso and David Hockney in Painting? Yes. Mark Hollis is, according to me, a very underrated artist who showed a kind of similar creating process as these masters’ one.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Space ARTWALK Test Run & TALK TALK About Music + Violin

Yes, we are in our new space, however the outside was not painted yet. Nothing was well organized, and the musicians' position was not right, but still, a lot of fun and interaction. It seems to me even more eccentric than before! :-)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mark Hollis Talk Talk Tomorrow Started OIL PAINT Colors Part 1

When I paint like this, it is not only applying colors and using a technique, I also must convey the passion and the loving heart that I can hear and feel in this specific Music.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

MARK HOLLIS Fourviere Interview Translation To English & A Little Change

And I did it again! But this time, it is from French to English. I didn't realized until someone asked me, that most people couldn't understand this interview because of the translator's voice covering Mark's one. It is very short, but still, it is very interesting. The ancient theater in Fourviere is absolutely amazing!
You will also find here my considerations about the Sacred Music: Talk Talk, Pink Floyd.
And finally, I explain a little change in my way of working, with an artistic project to come.
It is hard to be passionate about Art and Music, and still having to work everyday like if Art didn't exist, or almost. That is what I want to change too...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

60's - 70's Street MUSIC + Violin, Psychedelic & More, Artwalk Night

My DJ and friend Ron Kane chose great musics that night, and David Strother, the violinist improvised rather well on them. 
Here was our last Artwalk Night.

Unfortunately, my camera dropped dead before the end, just when a lot of people arrived and were dancing in front of my shop.
A friend of mine took a photo of a few of us in my shop:

 it was a great souvenir for my Birthday, which was one day before, but I never celebrate it on the 11th because of 9/11.

All these musics that I listened to or could have listened to during my childhood are so wonderful, so full of images, conveying a form of hope and joy that we don't feel much nowadays. I am not certain that people were more joyful in the 60's or 70's but they were more spontaneous and innocent for sure.

On the Thumbnail of this video, it is a painting "The Myth of the Isle of Wight" that I made years ago about several artists playing there in 1970. It was the last time that we saw Jimi Hendrix on stage and there were The Moody Blues, The Who, The Doors and many others... Why the Myth? Because I would love to attend a festival there one day. I don't know if it is any good today, but for me, the Isle of Wight is something that I didn't do when I was still small. I easily imagine why my parents didn't want me to go! :-) I was anyway way too young.
Am I today too old? :-) 
We are never too old for Music.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Mark Hollis SPIRIT OF EDEN Talk Talk w/o Music For Non-European Viewers

This is almost the same video as the one I posted just before. I however removed all the musical part, because it seems that in this context, Spirit of Eden is only allowed in Europe.
Spirit of Eden is a way too good album to be ignored in the US, Canada and many other countries. I wanted to share my passion for it with you as well.
I am just very sorry that I can't share the Music parts and the Magic with you in this video...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

MARK HOLLIS Texture, Freedom, Spontaneity, Attitude, Perfectionism

It may look simple, it is not. 
In Music as in Painting, even by using all these ingredients, you still need to have some talent to achieve such a result.
Every time I think I understood the recipe and how the magic works, I discover something new which let me in awe...
I suppose that is what we call the genius? And the talent?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Mark Hollis Talk Talk In Phill Brown's Book, Ranting About The Record Co...

Rock is not dead and fun is everywhere, but what is not fun, it's a record company! Actually, this one, I am talking about, is becoming the Laughing Stock in my video. 

Yes, we are still rolling, but unfortunately, only at home, now....

Friday, July 31, 2015

MARK HOLLIS Essentials, Claustrophobia & Can, Interview, Talk Talk

When I was a child, I used to draw comics by listening to some Psychedelic Music of the 70's. 
As an adult, now I am painting on Mark Hollis and Talk Talk Music, and I even make videos about it.
But the surprising thing, is that by reading Mark Hollis, I discovered this band of the 70's, named Can, that I didn't really know well. And by listening to them, I felt like sent back to my past, when I was creating on the Psychedelic sound, spirit, movement, colors, it is like a loop finally looped.
What a shock! But not really a surprise: Mark Hollis could have been my big brother. If it had been the case, I would have drawn on Can, I would have known them, already then.
The most surprising is that my son, 26 years old, is a Can fan...

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Street VIOLIN on French 80's & More Music for BASTILLE DAY 2015 at Cucul...

Playing this songs in Eagle Rock for the Artwalk, is like merging two very different worlds which are very separate in my mind.
The Violin was surprisingly amazing on them.
Enjoy the snippets of Music we chose, and chiefly, enjoy the Violin in the street.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mark Hollis Tomorrow Started Painting STRETCHING The Canvas, Talk Talk

I can't wait to start this new painting! If I was not so buried under my work, it would be already done and I would already be on the next one.
But I am going to enjoy every second of it. 
It will be about this amazing song named "Tomorrow Started" by Talk Talk (Music and Lyrics by Mark Hollis), that you will originally find on the It's My Life Album.
This song conveys so many images in my mind, that beside its beauty, I had to put these images on a canvas especially when you think that most of these images have been in my mind since more than 30 years! It is more than time to express myself with this.

As weird as it may sound, I don't approach all of this as any fan would do. Even though I have the highest respect for fans of all sorts, as long as they remain polite, decent and nice.  I have rather the feeling that I am in a kind of artistic research after having discovered an infinitely huge treasure that was waiting there just in front of me during all these years, and that I could only really see just now, maybe because I am older?
And my mission is to show this treasure to the World. 
It is there: beautiful, fantastic, smart, so, so clever, so delicate and deep, so sensitive and full of Love. How could I miss it before? How can some people still not see it?

I recommend that you go by all means listen to this song, Tomorrow Started, listen to the sound of the lyrics too, appreciate the beauty of the voice, don't go too deep down in the meaning of the song, otherwise you are going to be depressed, just enjoy the moment of this marvel.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Roots: Blues, Country / Original MUSIC at Cuculapraline-Frenchic's Part 1

Yes, during the last Nela Artwalk Night (June 13th, 2015), I had three musicians playing in front of my shop: Joe Kevany (Guitar, Vocals), David Strother (Violin), and Brian White (Drums). The guitar and drums were acoustic, the violin was a digital one. 
It was some pure American Roots Music: Blues, Country, there were some covers but also some original songs.
This was very exciting for me, I am amazed by the quality of the sound in the street, especially when you know that the cameras I used were far from being professional. This is the Part 1, the Part 2 is coming very soon.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Mark Hollis Talk Talk LAUGHING STOCK VIOLIN Magic Experience

I wanted to do kind of a subliminal experience, chasing the Beauty and the Magic, the imperceptible, and it turned out being a little quirky, crazy, and finally really comical.

I am still laughing and still amazed to have got a few drops of Magic in spite of the circumstances.

We must thank David Strother who played his instrument from the beginning to the end, it was not an easy thing to do.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Violin on Mark Hollis or Talk Talk MUSIC, Morally Correct? Ramblings...

I think that I just wanted to honor the Music and the people that I love.
Music is meant to be played, and as of genius it can be, it is not supposed to remain locked under glass like a master piece in a famous museum and being forgotten there...
I wanted to see or rather hear how it would resonate live on my boulevard in Los Angeles, even though it is not a Los Angeles Music.
But when we know how much work and thoughts Mark Hollis and Tim Friese-Greene did put on the Laughing Stock album, we can start wondering if adding a violin or any other instrument on the top of that is such a good idea and morally correct...?
I was rambling yesterday night, and today, it was my violinist David Strother who started rambling by email as well.
What are we supposed to do?
Still now, we don't know, I am not even sure that something of Talk Talk or Mark Hollis will be played tomorrow. I want to be correct, but it makes me feel very sad too... 
I just wanted to know how it was like to hear this music for real.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mark Hollis The AFTER THE FLOOD HYPNOTIZING Effect Talk Talk Laughing Stock

Am I the only one to be hypnotized by a song? 
But it is not any song, I suggest that you sit by listening to it, it is more safe :-)

I apologize for the wrong pronunciation of "hypnotized" on my video, I was probably so mesmerized that I didn't remember how to speak English! :-)

It is not easy to talk about things like that, because I take the risk to be considered as crazy or totally eccentric (which is actually the case, it seems, according to many people). But I thought, if at least one person has the same feeling that I have here, maybe this won't be so stupid.
There are so many things that we ignore about human nature. After all, Mark Hollis studied psychology at the University, and even if he finally worked in Music, it doesn't mean that he didn't have the time to learn how to hypnotize people with sounds... Or maybe he has this talent without even knowing it?
I am trying here to seize the imperceptible. Isn't it what Art is about? Isn't it what Paul Klee was trying to do on his paintings? I am trying to explain on images here what I can hear and see, and feel in Mark Hollis and Talk Talk Musics, but I have difficulties to find the words, because maybe the words don't even exist for that...

Saturday, May 30, 2015

MARK HOLLIS Richard Skinner INTERVIEW Techniques

Feelings and Techniques, what comes first? This is the subject of this video. 

A simple conversation with an Art teacher in Berkeley University made me think of the many (but not enough) Mark Hollis interviews I saw or listened to so far, and I suddenly realized from where was coming the impact of Mark Hollis and Talk Talk Musics on me and my inspiration.

These lessons we are learning here are not only valid for Music or Fine Art, but for all kinds of creations or practices. 

It seems that as Mark Hollis, I built this video like a mosaic of thoughts. At a point, I had to stop otherwise it would have lasted hours and hours. This is a subject I could talk about during a very long time, so fascinating I find it.
I hope you will enjoy it too.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Happy GRADUATION At Berkeley University, Cal, ART & MUSIC

I went to Berkeley University to attend my son's graduation. It was fantastic! I discovered like a giant very loving family.
But what was not expected was the discovery of my own Art meaning.
I watched all these students showing their creations, I listened to the teachers talking about Art and giving me some advice. And suddenly, it was like if they were telling me what I was doing with Mark Hollis and Talk Talk, all this quest and questions around this Music, it was like if the whys were imposing themselves to me. 
I will give you some kind of explanation in this video Part 2 coming soon, but everything can't be said in a video. I must keep a little for myself, and express it on my paintings, because it comes from the heart. Some things must just be said in colors and maybe in Music.
Will understand and receive who can and want to.
Also thank you to these teachers who kind of told me: you are a true artist.
I still had some doubts, in spite of all my Art work already done and to come.
Art and Music must come from the heart first. I am sure of this now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mark Hollis Paintings & YouTube Channel Updates, Tomorrow Started

A few updates, a few painting tricks, my passion for Mark Hollis and Talk Talk Music, and on the road again...

If you want to know what the Three Kings and Pulp Fiction are doing here, you must watch the video...

Maybe it's just Tomorrow Starting?

 I don't think it is possible to love more a Music than I do with Mark Hollis and Talk Talk. It is not only a Music, it is a whole story, a true passion coming from the one who wrote it and who shared it with us. I am overwhelmed by this passion and I feel the need to share it with the world.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Street VIOLIN on DISCO Music Nela Artwalk, David Strother, Ron Kane

This is my 50th video on YouTube! Obviously, I have a passion for Music and Art. 
You will find more videos on my YouTube Channel, especially a lot about Talk Talk and Mark Hollis Musics, my paintings and more to come...

Monday, January 19, 2015

A New Beginning, a Mark Hollis Discovery

Since three months, I've been like struck by a Mark Hollis-Talk Talk disease. It started with a weird dream where I was arguing with an unknown guy who wanted to change the bass line of the It's My Life track. We were in a recording studio, and I was telling him, or rather yelling at him that he couldn't change this line, that it was going to ruin the whole song, that it was a shame to do so, and I started singing this bass line to him, as if I was a bass player myself, which is certainly not the case! In my dream, it was overwhelming enough to awake me in the middle of the night. And the first thing I did, once up, was to check on YouTube if the bass line I was singing was right, and if it was still there! Of course it was still there, I didn't have all my mind obviously! :-)

This dream was disturbing enough to make me think of it during at least one week until I decided to pay a visit to the Such A Shame clip video that I already knew. This clip always made me laugh but strangely, I had the feeling that I would find a secret answer by watching it. In fact, I didn't find any answer, but it created thousands of new questions.
It also made me paint again.

I had stopped painting during nine years. Because of an unfortunate turn in my love life, I found myself unable to paint again: you know, the blank page, no imagination at all, nothing was interesting enough to inspire me. I really thought that my inspiration was coming from my happiness, and also maybe from my ex-partner, but since he was not there anymore: the total blank. At the worst peak of this drama, I couldn't even remember how to hold a brush! It could almost be ridiculous and funny if I was not so sad not to paint again...
And then, that day, when I was in front of this clip video, watching it again and again, as I always did before, but not by the same way this time, I was laughing, because Mark Hollis is very funny in it. But also, it was like if someone had hit my head; it was the magic awakening from a very long and sad sleep. 

Suddenly, I had to listen to Talk Talk again, all the time, something that I forbid myself during nine years before, because of the souvenirs attached to this Music; I was listening to the It's My Life Album when I met my ex-husband.
But I was also very interested in Mark Hollis personality, especially when I discovered that he stopped his tours mostly because he wanted to be there for his kids. That was very touching! I put my career on hold myself when I was younger to take care of my kids, but I certainly didn't have the fame and the success he had, such a courageous decision from him! It made me see him differently, actually, I didn't know much about him before, I only knew his Music and even not all of it. And suddenly, it was like if a dream and a clip video were telling me: "look at this man, he is interesting, he is a genius, you will learn a lot from him, and he is the perfect subject for your paintings". 

More I was reading about him, or listening to him in interviews, more I was sure that I had missed something huge all these years. And when I started listening to Spirit of Eden, Laughing Stock and the Mark Hollis Album, I couldn't believe what I was discovering! Who could have known that the man who was singing Mirror Man could evolve into these last three albums? And still, it is him from the very beginning to the end: talent, genius, sensibility, depth, sincerity, cleverness, kindness and a great sense of humor, even if at the end, it is becoming more sad.

What happened to me? I have no f... idea...
One thing is sure, is that I am painting again.

It started with a very easy acrylic on wood piece showing Mark Hollis in an Italian TV show where he doesn't give much and is hiding behind his sunglasses:

Then, I could respond to a commissioned work which had nothing to do with Talk Talk or Mark Hollis, but the Laughing Stock Album inspired me to do this Venice Beach piece:

And three days ago, I finally tackled a major painting, which is for me a big jump in my subconscious somehow. It is this time a true Mark Hollis portrait which will be done with oil paints on canvas. So far, I just did the charcoal draft which defines all. I spent one whole afternoon doing it, so much I wanted it to be perfect, to be exactly what I was seeing. I suffered because portraying is the most difficult task for me, even if I already did many portraits of other people. It is one thing to paint what I see, and another thing to try to show the soul of the portrayed person. Here, I had the feeling that if I was making this painting, I was going to dive in something very serious and important to me. 
I am in the middle of this task, I feel confused and exhilarated in the same time, I can't explain that... It reminds me the funny clip video, and in the same time it immerses me in something very deep.
Maybe one day, after a long quest, I will find my answers, and I will know why all this?

And also, it made me start something completely new to me: YouTube videos where I am showing myself.
I am certainly not a film maker, and I have a lot to learn. But suddenly, it was like if the conversation I would dream to have with him, was starting on my YouTube channel and with the whole World. In fact, some people are contacting me to talk about it, about the Music, about Mark Hollis, about Talk Talk, about inspiration and the creative process. 
The power of Music is really unbelievable!
I always could paint only on Music, and here I am again, painting on Mark Hollis and/or Talk Talk. If I had been told that four months ago, I wouldn't have believed it!

You will find my last video here:

Once on YouTube, you can browse on my channel to find all the videos I posted so far about Mark Hollis or Talk Talk, if it does interest you.
I plan to do more about Arts and Crafts, but my Mark Hollis/Talk Talk quest will continue, so much creativity is involved, so much beauty is in their Music, it's like if I was listening to something very familiar and sacred, and I was translating it on my canvas. 
Yes, Mrs Humble it's me... :-)
By a more simple way I will say, thank you Mr Mark David Hollis and thank you Talk Talk to give me so much and to have saved me from my long lethargy.
Another reason to be grateful.