Monday, February 5, 2018

From PARIS To HEIDELBERG Germany Vlog: Snow, Trains & Family Time


Shopping, Visit and Family Time.

it possible to make more different from Los Angeles than Heidelberg? I
don't think so, except that I saw one palm tree in a yard, how can this
happen here in Germany? The pedestrian street in Heidelberg looks a lot
like most of the pedestrian streets in Germany, or even in The
Netherlands, it reminded me of Maastricht.  
this reddish temple front with this Tintin-like painting, can you
believe it? It's like suddenly being in a comics book! This thing was
totally surrealistic there, I was just stunned in front of it, because
it is probably the thing I was expecting there the least. I actually
never saw something like that before. I suppose I should search more
about this "monument", if I can call it that way... I will keep you
posted if I find out more about this thing.