Saturday, May 30, 2015

MARK HOLLIS Richard Skinner INTERVIEW Techniques

Feelings and Techniques, what comes first? This is the subject of this video. 

A simple conversation with an Art teacher in Berkeley University made me think of the many (but not enough) Mark Hollis interviews I saw or listened to so far, and I suddenly realized from where was coming the impact of Mark Hollis and Talk Talk Musics on me and my inspiration.

These lessons we are learning here are not only valid for Music or Fine Art, but for all kinds of creations or practices. 

It seems that as Mark Hollis, I built this video like a mosaic of thoughts. At a point, I had to stop otherwise it would have lasted hours and hours. This is a subject I could talk about during a very long time, so fascinating I find it.
I hope you will enjoy it too.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Happy GRADUATION At Berkeley University, Cal, ART & MUSIC

I went to Berkeley University to attend my son's graduation. It was fantastic! I discovered like a giant very loving family.
But what was not expected was the discovery of my own Art meaning.
I watched all these students showing their creations, I listened to the teachers talking about Art and giving me some advice. And suddenly, it was like if they were telling me what I was doing with Mark Hollis and Talk Talk, all this quest and questions around this Music, it was like if the whys were imposing themselves to me. 
I will give you some kind of explanation in this video Part 2 coming soon, but everything can't be said in a video. I must keep a little for myself, and express it on my paintings, because it comes from the heart. Some things must just be said in colors and maybe in Music.
Will understand and receive who can and want to.
Also thank you to these teachers who kind of told me: you are a true artist.
I still had some doubts, in spite of all my Art work already done and to come.
Art and Music must come from the heart first. I am sure of this now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mark Hollis Paintings & YouTube Channel Updates, Tomorrow Started

A few updates, a few painting tricks, my passion for Mark Hollis and Talk Talk Music, and on the road again...

If you want to know what the Three Kings and Pulp Fiction are doing here, you must watch the video...

Maybe it's just Tomorrow Starting?

 I don't think it is possible to love more a Music than I do with Mark Hollis and Talk Talk. It is not only a Music, it is a whole story, a true passion coming from the one who wrote it and who shared it with us. I am overwhelmed by this passion and I feel the need to share it with the world.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Street VIOLIN on DISCO Music Nela Artwalk, David Strother, Ron Kane

This is my 50th video on YouTube! Obviously, I have a passion for Music and Art. 
You will find more videos on my YouTube Channel, especially a lot about Talk Talk and Mark Hollis Musics, my paintings and more to come...