Sunday, July 31, 2016

MARK HOLLIS & Talk Talk: The DOORS Influence, A Very Personal View


I invited my old buddy Jim Morrison on my new video.
The creating process. I've been searching for the link between Fine Art and Music during a very long time. Now, I am searching for the links between my two main sources of inspiration. 

Mark Hollis and Jim Morrison are so different as persons, that it is hard to believe that they could meet somewhere in Music. Jim Morrison, in his lyrics, described the visions he may have had, as a Shaman, during his psychedelic trances, going back to the most primitive and raw aspect of Humanity.
Mark Hollis is a giver and has offered us a divine Love through his Music. I receive it loud and clear.
Such a difference between the both! 

But still, both are, were searching for a piece of Truth, for a form of sincerity.
They have in common to have not sold themselves, to be very picky about their creative choices, both are, were, extremely talented, both said not to have an extended knowledge in Music when they started their career. 

Both disappeared abruptly: one died near my home in Paris, and was buried a few streets further, the other one retired without a warning or almost, and came haunting my dreams with his Music. 
Both are fascinating characters! 

But Jim committed a kind of suicide while Mark decided to save his life. 
Really not the same approach!
Jim Morrison disappeared way before I could even honor his work, I was still a child when he died. That is probably why I don't want to miss any chance to honor Mark's career, artists should be really appreciated and admired while they are still alive.

I am grateful to admire someone who is somehow my age, and still well alive.
Wish I can learn the most from him.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mark Hollis SPIRIT Of EDEN Timing The Irish Time / The Spectator Austral...


Announcing a great news in here, and I'm in my delirium again, sorry if I want to laugh a lot... I don't always have opportunities when I can have a big laugh. Even if the situation is grave, I always like to see the comical aspect in things as long as they are not too overwhelming, of course.

Also, you will hear a song all along this video, which has not much to do with Mark Hollis or Talk Talk, even if it is the same period, kind of... If you have the patience to watch this video until the end, you will understand why I am playing it. So, first, guess what song it is, second I will try to understand the link which can exist between the great news announced to me on phone and that song... 
Any suggestion is welcome. Maybe Scotland has something to do with it...

Funny how my huge interest in Talk Talk and Mark Hollis' Music led me to have even more concern for United Kingdom, if it is actually possible. I always have been passionate about UK, and if I hadn't felt the need in 2006 to go very far away, right now, I wouldn't be in Los Angeles, but very probably somewhere around London.  
However, now, this concern has an even deeper level, and with this Brexit being discussed, I find myself even more engaged in British political views, than I have ever been in the French ones. It seems to me that this potential Brexit affects more or less all of us. 
I am just wondering how videos about Art and Music can be suddenly invaded by British Politics, but we live in this world, we can't pretend it doesn't exist, chiefly when it is about a country, or rather a group of countries, that I love probably even more than the one I used to live in (France).
When I arrived in L.A., a little more than ten years ago now, people were asking me if I was not missing Paris too much. I was answering that beside my family and friends, not really, but what I was missing the most, was London. I was saying that like a joke, until I understood that it was nothing of a joke, it was what I was really feeling. 
That's how I started considering seriously moving to England if/when my L.A. adventure would end, because I didn't and still don't want to go back to Paris, or to France in general. 
Now, with the Brexit, this potential project seems slightly compromised, hence my new interest towards Ireland (South). 
This is why I am day and night, nights and day on the BBC news, to understand every decision, change, implication, meaning for me, meaning for United Kingdom, by hoping this Kingdom will still last a long time. Hoping also that this surprising referendum won't result, in the future, in another world war. 

Change is definitely the common point between Mark Hollis and United Kingdom. Leaving is another one.
Changes are necessary in life, but seeing people leaving has always broken my heart, it still does.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Mark Hollis Tomorrow Started OIL PAINTING The Darkest Details, Talk Talk


a few details on my oil painting, in spite of the terrible heat in Los
Angeles. I am actually in Eagle Rock, which is not far from the Valley,
we unfortunately don't have the freshness of the ocean, wish I was in
Santa Monica or Venice Beach...