Tuesday, April 26, 2016

SMASH BOOK #2, Junk / Art Journal FLIP THROUGH From Paris to L.A.



Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mark Hollis JOHN COPE Or How To Make Love to Music, The Doors, Talk Talk


A place where Talk Talk and The Doors meet.
How could I avoid
such a song where the two artists who inspired me the most for my
paintings, and who have been somehow mentors to me, find a common point
in the Blues and Jazz creation? I fell in Love with this song the first
time I listened to it. No surprise, John Cope reminds me the Music,
which made me , during my childhood, a kind of artist.
I am still
creating today because many years ago, I heard an organ, and guitars,
and percussion, and voices which overwhelmed me. I’ve been lost in the
meantime. But now, it is more than time for me to accomplish what I was
meant for, by hoping  I will have the time...

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tomorrow Started PAINTING Pulp Fiction/Gilmore Girls PEOPLE, Mark Hollis...


The endless painting... Here is a follow-up of my previous videos about this painting. More to come, you will be kept posted when it is completely done. By hoping it is soon. 
Life has been testing my ability to overcome all the troubles which may occur, putting me down, it is so easy to say: I am depressed, I won't paint, or, I'm not in the mood. Actually, more I had troubles, more I felt in the mood, because I had the feeling that painting, was my only way to keep the contact with what I love the most. 
On last Sunday, my tax return was waiting for me to be filled, and instead of that, I took my brushes, I painted the whole afternoon, and I was feeling so good after. And you know what? My tax return is done, nobody cares if I used a few hours on my own Art, and everybody is happy.
Conclusion: don't sacrifice yourself, keep the deadlines in mind about what is so called urgent. Take the time for you, even if you must speed up after on more annoying things. What are a few hours? Nothing for the IRS, a lot for ourselves.
Persist in what you love the most.
Any question is welcome.

Sunday, April 10, 2016