Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Digital VIOLIN In The Street DAVID STROTHER, February 2016 Nela Artwalk


By filming, I didn't realize that there was kind of a strange feeling, with the noise of these cars passing, the dark atmosphere, we didn't have a lot of light, and not much people came. Which gives kind of an interesting, though not well filmed, video. Never mind, it is a way to keep memories.
I also kept the behind-the-scene moments, because we are still human beings who like to laugh a little sometimes.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mark Hollis' LAUGHING STOCK, The Virtue & Silencing The Scams, Melody Ma...


All is a matter of attitude...

I unfortunately don't see a lot of people deciding like Mark, like "Hollis" as we say... I am so surprised every day to see how much people can push further and further the limits of decency. The scams are becoming a way of living, someone will call you one morning to sell you something: "how to scam your neighbor, by a very courteous way" (it is an image, of course). And when I point out the fact that it is immoral, people don't seem to understand what I am talking about. I thought it was only in Los Angeles, but it seems that it affects the whole world. I started wondering if I was the only one to think that way, maybe am I old-fashioned? But when I read an article like this one, I am glad to see that maybe we are a very small club, but some people like me still exist. They are very rare, they are precious, I want to honor them. 
But by honoring them in videos, am I talking too much? Am I damaging the succinct aspect of their Art?
It seems that in this world, I don't know anymore how I am supposed to do...
As I was saying before, all is a matter of attitude, I just want to be sure to have the right one.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SMASH BOOK #1 Journal FLIP THROUGH, Between L.A. & Paris, Journaling.


It’s time to take your glue and scissors! :-) Maybe it will give you ideas?

This Smash Book was made a very long time ago, it’s like reading a part of
my story, but by only keeping the best, or almost… I haven’t opened
those often, now I am enjoying the work that I made on them, and that’s
all, just for the pleasure of the eyes.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

MARK HOLLIS 1984 Interview, French Translation FOLLOW-UP, It's My Life V...


This is the follow-up for the non-French people, some explanation about this interview. Something which we should have known before...

MARK HOLLIS 1984 Interview, French TRANSLATION, Traduction Francaise


Yes, I translate to French sometimes.
I am lucky enough to understand and speak English, but it is not the case for many people in France. Why these people should be deprived of something as interesting as this interview?
Hence this video...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Driving, Walking and Running in L.A. California, USA


I love and live in Los Angeles.
However, everyday this privilege can be removed from me. That’s why I am trying to keep images of my every day life, as long as I can.