Saturday, December 26, 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mark Hollis SPIRIT OF EDEN, An Achievement for All of Us, Talk Talk Inte...

That is an achievement!
only the Spirit of Eden Album, but also the fact that I am posting this
video, because I had to edit it on a program that I didn't know at all!

If Mark Hollis did put so many efforts, and such a total commitment
in his wonderful Album Spirit of Eden, I thought that I could put as
much passion in this video. I hope that my lack of technical knowledge
won't distract you from the main subject, which is: how Mark Hollis
brought to us an example to follow.
If all the artists in this world
were creating according to what they have in their gut, we would live
in such a more beautiful and wonderful world! And it is not a question
of skills, it is more a matter of honesty and conviction, a matter of
great Passion.
Only one word or two: Thank you to Mark Hollis for inspiring us so much!
You will find the original interview here:

You will find the beginning of my thoughts here:

I am a little obsessed by this subject, so you will find my video about the Texture and Freedom here:

This is NOT a sponsored video. I only talk about what I love the most,
and I am absolutely obsessed with the creative process obviously.

The Failed December 2015 ARTWALK & A Dinner at Maximiliano, L.A.


For the first time, we had a failed Artwalk! :-) 

Not our fault, just because of the too cold temperature...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

High Quality Candy by MARK HOLLIS Talk Talk The Party's Over Review

I think it is time to go a little deeper in the process of creation. The Party's Over, 1st Talk Talk Album, is not rated correctly according to me, chiefly when we listen to songs like Have You Heard The News or Candy.
I am trying here to explain how high the quality is and why I love these songs so much. I don't mind talking alone, I just wish that I could at least get one person interested in this wonderful subject. And if there is more, even better. Wish I could convince a whole crowd! Fortunately, I am not the only Talk Talk lover, we are already many.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Mark Hollis Spirit of Eden Interview French TRANSLATION Traduction Franc...

I can't believe that I managed to post a video with a dying computer!
I am really very motivated... 
If anybody has an idea about how translating this Musical method to Art, please, feel free to tell me